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MY villagemates

Posted by Birodh on October 14, 2009

Here in AIT the 2 soryed building having 3 rooms with kitchen dining are termed as Village. we, me,Bhogendra and Ashish are villagemates. Today i am very much thankful to my villagemates for their support in this hard time as i am suffering from fever. I’d like to say thank you them.

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UCD in ICT Application

Posted by Birodh on October 14, 2009

Most of the ICT application in the Developing world are following the traditional approach. That is the technology should be learned by the user to use it. But the competition in the ICT gadgets has made market that user have lots of choice and that is depends upon the simplicity of the things. UCD is the approach of designing application is based on the users need and choice. More abstraction of technology and simplicity in user interface has made it a best design and development process.

In the race of industralization more complex type of machine have been built and are in use but in the case of IT the user are general  public and they should be able to khow the functionalities of the device so ICT applications must be generic in use and specific in functionalities.

Details process: coming up…..

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About SD:

Posted by Birodh on October 12, 2009

Free software distributions  may be well enough to do the academic projects. I am trying to learn how to use these distribution in intended application. I liked it but i am beginner i will comment in it detail later on.

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बुलबुल मा “सबै लाई सलाम छ “

Posted by Birodh on October 11, 2009

बाहिर झम झम पनि परी रहेको थिओ मध्यरात १२ बजे रात को सुन्यता, किरा हरु को किर्किर अनी भ्यागुता को गुन्जनले झनै संगीतमय् बातावरण थिओ । मन मा भावना का भेल उर्लिदै थिओ “फेस बुक ” मा कुमार को पोस्ट बुल बुल देखे । मलाई पनि सुन्ने इक्ष्या जाग्यो अनी लग इन गरे साईट   । बुल बुल सुन्न पाइयो । आजको प्रस्तुती को सुरुवात मा पस्केको गजल “सबै लाई सलाम ” निक्कै नै मन पर्‍यो । वास्तवमा एस्मा लोक्तान्त्रिक आन्दोलन पछी को अवस्था लाई निक्कै मार्मिक र मिठो छन्द म वय्क्त गरिये को छ । मन पर्‍यो। यो कार्यक्रम सुन्दै म सुत्ने तर्खर मा लगे ।

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Flaying in a dream

Posted by Birodh on October 11, 2009

Outside it is railing smoothly ..hearing of ..tweet tweet…….chirp chirp……..caw, caw…, cokoo,cokoo …of birds.. ..the silent noise of my table fan…..tip,tip of water drops .. ..lonely going thru the memories that are fading… out once recalled … its true silence here inside ….i went to write my blog about the pataya tour..

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That astonishing Moment:

Posted by Birodh on October 10, 2009

Unedited version:

Mid-sem exam finished..the day is friday and there will no be the chance to go outing till december. we planned to go out for this weekend to some beach.  Actually it was impromptu decisoin we started our journey to some beach but we did not have well knowedge regarding the route, means of trasportation and living of that place about the beach nearer to bangkok. Just going outside we moved to ZEER and then from their we wanted to go to MoCHIT so we caugth a bus . unfortunatly we got off at wrong  place and needed to take a cab to go to mochit. Then we took a cab and headed to mochit . Conversing with cabdriver we got some route info abt “pataya city” and planned to go to pataya ……

Our journey started  on interesting  conversation with cabdriver. He could speak little English only and many things he tried to explain with gesture and he had very good sense of humor. We booked that taxi for pattya  and were crossing the Bangkok , it is really difficult to explain that no word can express that time. 140 km/hour cab  at the third floor of toll way was running leaving the Bangkok far behind,  the heavy down pour with storm , that intense lightning and thunder , all the light went down. That poor visibility compelled not only to slow down the speed but also we required adjourning and waiting for its decline. As the dusk was turning to the dark the unstopping downpour was scarring us. It was real thrill. However, we continued to move and about 50 km to Pataya we stopped for some food.  We made some noodles and again resumed our journey.  Jeevan’s expression on the cab at the time of heavy downpour was really good to look though everybody were feeling scared.  None of us have good idea about the pataya, we call our Thai friend Yen and asked about where to go and where to stay. He talked to cab driver and instruct him about our destination as it would be difficult for us to make driver understood.

It was about 9:00 Pm when we reached the Pataya 2. First we moved to see the beach because it was my first time to the beach. I was exuberant to the sea and experience the beach but it was dark there so decided to wait for tomorrow and went to search the dwell. On the way a Indian boy asked something with us but we ignored him. He followed us then we tried to know what he actually is. On our conversation he spoke in Nepali. We had doubt about his identity so we just listened his suggestion but follow our way. At the road side we got the hotels but those were too expensive. We were returning to our previous spot, again we found that boy and this time we listened him gently and went accordingly to 11. There we found a hotels after visiting 3 other hotels and we decided to stay there. After taking refreshments we hovered to observe night life @ pataya. Lots of stuff there we felt new which I am not able to describe precisely.

Next day :   still I was agog to see the sea we woke up early in the morning about 7 am and had bath and morning jobs. After taking breakfast at the hotel we moved to beach, but at this time fulfilled the desire to see the sea. Just seeing the sea from the pataya2 we moved to port for the cruse to island. So caught a open-taxi (the back side open) and went to the port. At the port the cruse was ready to embark we got the ticket joined that cruse. It was about 40 minutes cruise we reached to num sang beach. That beach was dirty and not enough place to play good so we decided to have biking around the island and visit the different beaches. The small trekking from beach to Bike Park added more excitements. We took three bikes and went on. The inception of the road was dangerous as the deep sloppy road was disfigured and slimy. It added more adventure on our trip.   

Details comeing up shortly…..

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Hello frens

Posted by Birodh on October 8, 2009

Hi frens

You can also share your things here.  write the comments and also add your views in comments.

Cheers! get connected…….

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Posted by Birodh on October 8, 2009

Today i opened my blog account . I  have been wanted to share my feeling, thoughts and experiences with my friends for a long time but i was unable to post the things at right platform. But word press gave me that space which is very simple to configure and easy to operate.

Thank you word press… I am happy today!

I will continue to post my thoughts and feelings in this blog.

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