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Flash player 10 for 64 bit architectue linux

Posted by Birodh on November 20, 2010

You might have getting problem in installing or upgrading your Flashplayer for Ubuntu 10.04 or any other 64 bit architecture.
Here are the simple steps.
1. Visit the Following site
2. Scroll down to 64-bit Release Players and download it.
Download plug-in for 64-bit Linux (TAR.GZ, 4.1 MB)
3. Extract it in Desktop or somewhere there is file, you have to keep that file in ~/.mozilla/plugins. you can use this command ( I have assumes that your file is in Desktop and you have Directory plugins in the directory .mozilla)
sudo cp /home/birodh/Desktop/ ~/.mozilla/plugins
4. If the directory plugins is not already there. you can create it.
$ cd ~/.mozilla
$ mkdir plugins
then follow the step 3.
5. Restart the Browser (mozilla or chrome or any)

I hope everything will be Okay!


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