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My paper presented

Posted by Birodh on August 8, 2010

Birodh Rijal
Ankur sharma and me had presented a paper on 21-23, 2005. we had presented it in the student’s conference organized by Indian society for technical education. Though it was not a concrete research paper i got some idea about doing research and writing the paper.
The Title of the paper was “Impact of IT in society (Nepal)


In the age of information technology man can do more by induction rather than their
individual thinking. For the transformation of society there is vital role of technology. This paper is
prepared based on the impact of information technology in the Nepalese scenario. Information from
one part of the world can be viewed or spread out through out the world. In the context of Nepal, IT
can be applied in the many field of society and advantage of IT can be taken by many people. At
present application of IT in Nepal is in very primitive stage. Some example can be taken as IT can be
applied or advantage of IT can be taken are young people employment, public awareness, disaster
control and management. Only few percentages of Nepalese people are taking the advantage of
electronic media like E-mail, Internet etc. Technologies compel people that they can do something for
society. By using Internet, People from every field can understand that we can think up to that extent.
This paper gives the brief description about how IT is used in different field, IT make what changes in
the society, How IT increases young people employment, students how they are taking the advantage of
internet and how can IT be used for the transformation of society based on the Nepalese scenario.

Keywords: digital divide, cyber crime, youth empowerment, outsourcing, digital awareness, IT-

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