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Nightlife @ Bangkok

Posted by Birodh on October 24, 2009

Bangkok is famuous for its night life as many tourist come to enjoy their holydays here. Night life at bangkok is popular for vibrant, wild, rowdy and freak. Lots of girls on the streets, beautiful ladyboyz, wild gogo bars, night clubs, pubs, different shows and jazz houses all these in safe environment are the charms of bangkok. It is not supposed as good shopping destination but the night life is something that can not be found outside.
The main centers for night life are Silom road (Patpong1, patpong2, patpong3), thaniya,sukumbhit (soi nana, soi 33, soi cowboy) and most recent happening place is khao san road. silom road is full of gogo bars and different ***** shows. This place may not good for those who want to enjoy the music and love to dance. Don’t believe in middleman(guides, taxidrivers, agents) they are charleton.
patpong is special for shows and gogo but you may be overcharged there in bars if you do not take ticket in advance.

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